Tiger Nuts Milk (AYA): An Alternative for Milk Intolerants.

Jug of Tnut milk

Some of us are milk intolerant, that means we do not digest milk well. When one is Milk intolerant, there is often a sickly feeling in the stomach after taking milk, it starts through feeling bloated, the stomachs rumbles and grumbles as gas builds up. This can lead to farting excessively and eliminating foamy fecal matter.


To be milk intolerant is a very sorry condition for milk intolerant people, almost everyone loves a creamy cup of milk, so I for one simply can’t think of a future without something milky, so I had to search for other means and one which would be readily available around. I forget to add, that the milk people are mostly intolerant of is our mainstream milk derived from Cows, though not limited to fresh milk, all other forms of milk from this source such as cheese, canned milk, powdered milk often lead to the same reactions when taken.

I have always known Tiger nuts, but with all the years of being more food conscious and identifying that I truly have a milk intolerance it became necessary to get a little closer to these nuts and look beyond it being just a chewy snack one randomly buys on the streets, from our northern brothers.

I present here a simple way to make tiger nut milk at home. Yours truly is terrible with measurements, I still hope you follow as I may not be using the language of KGs or OZs.

For this one creamy jug of Milk I used some six cups (milk tins) of Tiger nuts.


To make this:

  • Soak dry tiger nuts in water for nothing less than 24hours. The soaked not all through the hours should be kept in the fridge. This is safer to prevent nuts fermenting. This soaking process is not needed if using fresh tiger nuts.
  • Pour out water used in soaking, pick out the bad nuts and rinse nuts thoroughly.
  • Prepare to blend using a high speed blender.
  • Pour some quantity of nut in blender making sure you add clean water which is above the nuts inside the blender.

Tiger nuts Blender

  • Blend at high speed.
  • Pour mixture into a sieve and squeeze to extract milk.


  • Chaff can be returned to blender with some water and blended a second time to extract some more milk, this if you do not wish for milk to be too thick.
  • Continue process till all nut is blended and milk extracted.
  • Place preferably in freezer and move to fridge once cold. My experience with this is that it goes bad or ferments very fast if it not kept cold.

Jug of Tnut milk

  • Can be consumed over the next three days, plus I like to add a pinch of salt in my glass of tiger nut milk, just a personal choice as gives me a more satisfying taste. you can always add whatever healthy ingredients suits you, honey, ginger are additions some may enjoy.



  • Number one reason of course is because it is a delicious alternative for lactose intolerant folks, one can drink this safely without the stomach going haywire.
  • It is a non inflammatory drink, meaning it is not known to cause inflammations i.e with those suffering allergies
  • It is nutrient rich, with high amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron &potassium. Also contains beneficial amino acids. Since we do not always get the needed minerals and amino acids from our standard daily meals. A tiger nut addition can fill this gap.
  • Good for digestion
  • An anti-diabetic agent
  • Good source of gut friendly bacteria (probiotics)

As can be seen, these nuts offer good health benefits alongside its wonderful taste which makes the absence of mainstream milk easier to live with. So begin making some milky goodness at home today. Just a final piece of factual information, Tiger nuts are actually a tuber but the name nuts seem to have come to stay.


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