k6742344 Over the years having studied and researched on health topics I have become highly informed on the strong connection between what goes on in our stomachs and our overall health.

People are terribly negligent on being informed about how and what to eat. The body needs nourishment, whenever the body says I am hungry. it is asking for the nutrients that should keep it running not just satisfying the taste buds or getting the stomach filled.

two-guys-with-pot-belly-333x321  Africans especially tend to take pride in the size of their bodies as evidence of good living. The pot belly factor if understood will have many persons men and women alike running from this dangerous factor. I now become very alarmed when I see persons with very large stomachs. I feel like they are a big disaster waiting to happen.

In the first place how does pot belly develop to such unhealthy sizes, before talking about the dangers of this factor the source must be understood. Habits we build over time often throw us in the path of this factor for a few though. Okay so you don’t know if you have a pot belly. Is your stomach large compared to other parts of your body? Is your stomach hanging flabbily  down over whatever your wearing on your waist? If you take a tape rule and measured your waistline are you above 35 inches as a woman or above 40 as a man? The answer to these questions is all you need.


nnUNHEALTHY EATING & EATING HABITS: We have come to fear some foods, people are so conscious of oils, cholesterol, and the likes, but will chunk in all manners of carbohydrates especially highly processed ones without second thoughts. Also, all manner of drinks which are high in sugars and other unhealthy substances are taken. A typical person’s meal will have things made with flour appearing maybe three times through the day supported with a sugary drink. Without the need to go into biology and nutritional jargon on how what gets converted to what in the body, simple fact is too much consumption of carbs will translate into fat, the stomach often the first victim.

Some people will eat all day round, indulging in anything excessively of course can not be correct, but some will wake up and already a frizzy drink is grabbed then a snack, then proper breakfast if it does happen to be proper, something to chew between, lunch, something more before dinner, dinner, and then more late into the night. Your body needs a break from food, it has things to do with all what you are taking in and it has the best times it can do this.


Our main and heavy meals should be between noon and 6pm, the body can digest all we are eating efficiently at this time, at night when we sleep is when the nutrients are carried to the parts and cells that need them, eating at the wrong times definitely poses an obstacle to this process. In essence eating wrong things or at wrong times continuously will mean problems with body metabolism, which will become a pot belly factor sooner or later.

And finally learn to reduce your over sized meals, big plate means more food, smaller plate lesser food.


ExLACK OF EXERCISE: Eating so much and using so little energy, this means the body stores excess food as fat. If your job does not involve a lot of physical activity then you need to initiate it in the form of exercise. The good news is, belly fat just as is it is quick to come on it is also the first to get shed off, besides exercise will generally help keep any unhealthy weight off.


BottlesALCOHOL: I do not even feel the need to talk about this, for I am no advocate of alcohol, however even with all the religious and spiritual reasons to stay away from it, it cannot be ignored that it is a big cause of weight gain for many especially belly fat. Its simple. Don’t drink.


Drug ILLNESS/DRUG SIDE EFFECTS: Yes, some persons suffer illnesses that make certain things become inevitable for them. To be well they need medications and some medications are just good drivers to weight gain, some drugs will even increase fat deposits around specific parts of the body such as the face or upper torso, and for some very much around the waistline. It is never a hopeless condition, everyone needs to be well informed about their medications and how to counter the side effects of such medications. With lots of research you will find there is always a way out. So do not just blame it on something while you sit and do nothing, a large and growing tummy will only create more health problems in the future.


Yes it does not make a person a very pretty sight. If some pride themselves for the sizes of their bellies, that’s their problem. But for the more enlightened or fact seekers. Know you that:

  • A big belly will almost always slow you down. You’ll be more likely to be less active because that stomach is a burden. You will be often Lethargic, this means slow, dull, inactive. lifeless etc. Can you think of the other impacts this can have on your life?
  • A big tummy often feels constipated/bloated. It hardly feels like it is digesting food well. With all that fat you can pinch or lift with your hands as well as those you can’t see lying deep within your stomach walls and between organs how will food find its way around and get digested properly.
  • A big tummy for males and females puts you at a higher risk of modern day health problems. Diabetes, heart problems, different forms of cancer, high blood pressure, sleep disorders and lots more.
  • Having said the above, getting rid of a big tummy will mean getting rid of other health issues one may already suffer such as constant headaches as well as preventing degenerative illnesses.

So much fat in the stomach area is riskier than fat in other parts of the body as it has a direct impact on how the body functions.

A pot belly is simply bad for you.






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