Here is a statement, read it as an absolute fact “not everybody will be slim or can be slim or skinny”, and skinny or lean is not synonymous with beautiful, forget what mainstream media says. A lot of plus sized people men and women alike face what I can call the dilemma of a plus sized. This dilemma is especially faced more by women, who have to handle a lot as concerns their physical appearance and live in a world today that makes them ever edgy about it.


A plus sized if I choose not to use figures such as a size this or that is someone whose stature is larger than average, which of course means they are not slim. The dilemma of a plus sized involves many battles real external ones and those fought in a plus sized head. “Gosh, will I ever be slim, I work out so much why is weight not coming off, if I just dropped a few kg I would be okay”. The Dilemma of a plus sized includes watching others eat just whatever they like healthy and unhealthy and never adding weight, never seeing persons of their stature on billboards or TV except maybe with a negative inference, hence adding to such feelings of inadequacy, and of course the many sometimes unpleasant comments from family and friends.

I personally consider myself a plus sized, though I must say I often wonder if I would not be this if not for suffering the side effects of some medications I have to be on, however I digress. I am a plus sized and I have faced the dilemma of a plus sized, but I have come to know what’s real and what’s not about being a plus sized which I hope many can relate to.

IT’S YOUR FAULT YOU ARE PLUS SIZED – Why are some people in some parts of the world quite huge in stature while some others are small? Some ethnic groups within a country may have really tall people. The Chinese mostly have small statures, which reminds me, when you are buying clothing from them please give your measurements and don’t depend on theirs, or you will be handed something far from what you need. Smaller than your size is often the error. That said, my point is that nature itself has made it that way, that some people will likely by slim even if they ate a dinosaur, some will be tall, some will be short and yes some will be blessed with a plus sized body. So while it is true that some people have eaten their way into the sizes they are now, which makes them unhealthy. Others are just that way as nature genetically picked them to be.

YOU SHOULDN’T EAT THAT – So you do not know when I wake up early to go jogging, while you are snoring, or how I save hard to make sure I pay for my gym membership or tennis lessons, to keep fit, you were blind as I ate healthy all month and I don’t drink soda or fizzy junk drinks which you gulp everyday , but suddenly you are such a good food coach because I choose to eat a piece of cup cake maybe as a reward to myself or to simply give myself a break or treat, now you are saying you shouldn’t eat that because… Everyone seems to know what’s better for you, because you are a plus size, irrespective of how unhealthy they may be living and eating.

YOU ARE LAZY – I lift weights, I play tennis, I hate being sedentary, and you think I am lazy. Many active plus sized people are healthier and more active than some people think, its all about building the energy and sustaining it. Suffice to say a slimmer person could run out of energy faster than a plus sized should they have to run up a staircase at the same time.

YOU ARE IGNORANT – Sometimes people think you are clueless because you are a plus sized, who do you think likely read more health and food related books and materials? WE could actually enlighten you on how to feed properly because we know.

YOU NEED SYMPATHY – So people may tell you, its not so bad, so and so looks bigger anyways. Plus sized people are not suffering or dying, that kind of sympathy is actually just irritating sometimes.

Plus sized people as well as people of other sizes should simply embrace and love themselves. Living with a little feeling of inadequacy is no way to live, to feel confident comes from within. Every single person is created uniquely, if God willed He would have made us all the same, but variety is the spice life of life. How boring it would be if we all had similar looks. Plus size does not always connote unhealthy, especially not when you are eating and living healthy. Plus size does not mean the unsuitable, that’s just a standard society has placed. So know the difference, understand that some can shed weight easily as they have such metabolism that permits it, talk of genetics mentioned earlier, its slower for some. Finally this post is not about being overweight or obese, it is just simply about the fact that you can be plus sized without any of the negatives that always seem to come with it.


Have a positive health attitude.




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