My dermatitis started years back most likely 2004 as a teenager. Started with my hair falling out at an alarmingly fast rate and then my forehead had the rash. Over the years, I have used steroids mostly oral and less of the creams. I have also become more enlightened about what I  have been using. Most of the publicity for steroids either creams or oral tabs comes as being plain evil.

So in 2015 I also tried like many others, the famous steroid withdrawal process. My experiences are fully described here MY ECZEMA HEALING CRISIS EXPERIENCE

Indeed, I went back to my good old medication after almost 6months of misery. Here, I simply want to rationalize a little on why steroids could be life saving in cases of extreme dermatitis like mine.

In the end, a single cause or trigger of eczema cannot be pinpointed in everyone, there are all the general likely causes we all read about but truth is even after taking the path where these causes are addressed with deliberate actions we still do not find always find relief, adequate relief enough for us to go on with our daily lives.

Some of the causes we know in general include hormonal imbalances, an overly toxic body due to what we eat and get exposed to, absence of adequate probiotics in the gut or poor gut health, eating foods that generally trigger inflammation, and of course the most apparent reason being that we are born with a genetic/hereditary trait that makes us susceptible to having Atopic Dermatitis in the first place.

I think people who can afford to live with eczema without any form of medication especially such as steroids which gives as far as I know for now, the most effective relief are able to do so for the following reasons.

  • Their eczema is bearable and they still function everyday to a large extent.
  • They do not have eczema from head to toe, only in some areas or small patches.
  • Their eczema does not weep, ooze and crust as much.
  • They can endure extreme weathers of heat or cold

For those on steroids thinking of trying withdrawal methods and hoping the process may cure their eczema, having been on that road I can say the following:

  • Understand that you will be in for the worse ride of your life.
  • That your life will come to a standstill, no going to work or socializing of any kind.
  • That all your symptoms will come back with a vengeance and maybe bring along even newer ones you had never felt before.
  • That you will become an anti-social wreck.
  • That you will get infections more easily as your immune system drops even lower in strength.
  • Above all that, you may never get to the end of your withdrawal and give up on it but you would have become branded with some scars that might remain for life.

Been there, done that! That’s what I can say.However a few of the positives that came with my steroid withdrawal process include:

  • Loosing much of the weight steroids had previously brought on  through seven years previous use.
  • Detoxing my body on a large scale though this happens through so much pain, however I hope it has averted any illness I may have ever had to suffer.
  • Following with more discipline a better diet that’s generally healthier.
  • Returning back to life and living with a new sense of purpose and gratitude in my heart.
  • Appreciating that steroids are not evil but truly a good blessing, which benefits a lot of other disorders aside dermatitis.
  • Starting this blog on health.

Every eczema sufferer should try live with the fact that they did not bring the horrible disorder on themselves, only those suffering it know the pain involved. Take all the help you can get, all drugs have their side effect we all just need to be enlightened on how to counter these side effects.

Dear Eczema sufferer, life can be good and not miserable, live believing you do not have a problem at all, and if you have to take steroids, take them without being sorry. As long as this helps you lead a normal life, and pursue your dreams. Plus who knows, a cure may come one day, but until such a time comes, we take what we have.

I do not state the name of my medication for I do not wish people to think I am marketing for some company, I hope to reveal this someday soon and the many ways I try to counter the side effects that come with taking the said medication for my Atopic Dermatitis.

As this post has been updated you can find more from the e-book I wrote HERE titled ECZEMA REBEL.

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