Our target in our everyday living should be avoiding things that put more strain on our systems, things that add more toxins to our bodies giving it the extra work of eliminating them, and of course which over time, exposure of the body constantly to such harmful products can lead to other degenerative illnesses. We use a lot of household products which we can actually do without,many of such household products are industrialized. Here is a quick one on some things we can do away with and replace with better, safer alternatives to in our homes, to protect ourselves and our families.


TOOTHPASTE: It has been over a year now that I personally stopped using any brand of toothpaste, are my teeth suffering any consequences from quitting? Nay! Some alternatives to toothpaste include:

  • ¬†Apple Cider Vinegar, specifically unfiltered raw organic vinegar. Mix a small amount with water, toss in your mouth and put your tooth brush to work.
  • Lemon water which is a mixture of lemon juice/pulp and water. Used in the same manner as apple cider vinegar.
  • Baking Soda. Baking soda has become famous for its many uses not restricted to baking. Baking soda can be used in place of toothpaste safely and it also helps whiten the teeth.
  • Herbal tooth powders are also a great alternative to toothpastes as they are made with ingredients that help fight inflammation and infections.
  • Bentonite clay can be used to brush the teeth along with a toothbrush. The clay can be mixed with some diluted vinegar and kept in a small container, to be used daily.

NOTE: Apple cider vinegar should not be used directly without diluting as it can wear out teeth enamel over time. It is also important to look at the ingredients used in products, hence a herbal tooth powder should also be examined well before use, rather than assume since it has the “herbal” tag it must be safe.


REFINED WHITE SUGAR: Sugar has always been the sweet enemy, many people do not take note of how much sugar they ingest daily. Through their morning teas, coffee, and fizzy drinks. Sugar is also addictive, the body craves it. Need we speak again about the many dangers of sugar, even if we only focus on the fact that recent studies show sugar feeds cancer, it is enough reason to keep off. Healthy alternatives to sugar include honey, stevia which is sugar/calorie-free substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant stevia. Using sweet fruits as replacement where possible in meals that would have used sugar is also a good option, fruits like figs and dates.


BLEACH FOR COUNTER TOPS: Though bleach may seem to do a good job of keeping surfaces clean, however the fumes from them is enough to tell us of all the strong chemicals that have gone into the making of them. Vinegar, Lemon or baking soda can be used separately as cleaners, or they could be mixed and diluted with water and kept in a container for daily use. They clean just as good and serve as disinfectant. An effective container to place this natural cleaner will be a spray bottle for easy use.

Our fast paced world comes with its advantages as well as the not so great things. We should reduce our exposure to anything that contains questionable/harmful ingredients. We must always arm ourselves with the needed information as well as take deliberate actions to safe guard ourselves from modern day degenerative illnesses.

Have a positive health attitude.



  1. Yes safety first. But then again we determine what is readily available in our homes, in my home we never lack Apple cider vinegar, Baking soda or lemons nor honey. So sometimes its about deliberate steps.

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