It has been exactly 8 months now from the time I quit my steroid withdrawal process. When people search for steroid withdrawal as relates to eczema, they mostly get results related to Topical Steroid Withdrawal TSW. There isn’t much information that speaks on oral steroids withdrawal.

I have had little need to use topical steroids for my eczema over the years, using it periodically or having no need for it at all. In  MY ECZEMA HEALING CRISIS EXPERIENCE. you will find why I had to go through that process and the horrors of such a process. It was my hope that going through that process would help me forever heal my eczema. It was the last resort I had put all trust in and believed in so much, I however lost faith. I could not continue with such pain and stagnation in my life, that in itself was enough to kill me.

So yes, I went back to my old ways, in the article earlier linked you will see how terrible I looked. 8 months later with going back on my medications, you can see the difference.

I will keep saying it, that many may have their reservations about medications for eczema, but that is looking at it from only one angle. Anyone who has suffered the extremes of eczema knows it causes as much discomfort as can be imagined, only those of us who live with  it know it. I just hope to be an inspiration for others, to let them know they are not alone suffering eczema, and also I say you must rebel against this disorder and help yourself anyway you can.

These are my pictures months after, and I would rather be like this and better even if I owe it to some medication than continue with a process that may or may not work for me. I can sleep and wake up like every other person, I am back to my daily tasks and work, I meet people, I don’t have to worry about the itch anxiety. Some days there will be flares but I have a promise that it will not be as vicious since I  have help with keep everything under control.

I am happier, I am not feeling sick, and oh!! No more Trypophobia which can basically drive you insane. I love me, I accept eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) is part of my life and existence, maybe one day it will disappear just as certain other health challenges I have faced in previous years went away on their own.

The doctors told me as a teenager I will outgrow it, in my late 20s now I have not. The bottom line is it does not hold my life to ransom and I have to live positively. Having eczema is why this blog is alive anyways. In the pictures beneath you can see the difference from my previous process. On the plus side, that process made me loose so much of weight gained previously, and now I am working hard to maintain a healthy weight and keep off the water weight.

As an update to this post written in 2016 I urge to read my e-book titled ECZEMA REBEL you can find out more about it HERE

IMG_20160827_125210My hands now, which will still get better in tone.

IMG_20160827_125310Dark scars still there but clearing out

IMG_20160827_125255Feet suffers the most so still healing.


Stay strong and never let eczema bring you down, eczema sufferers are warriors.

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