Here is a quick one. Sometimes we will have to deal with constipation or bloating. Maybe we overate, or had the wrong meal such as something we are intolerant to, maybe things are simply not just going well down there in the stomach, whatever the cause, here are some quick tips to relieve constipation/bloating right away.

Sit Ups

sit ups

Doing a number of sit ups will relieve constipation or bloating. I have tried it. The stomach wall sort of tighten making things get busy in there, unwanted waste will likely be ready to come out after this exercise, so do not be too far from your toilet.

Take a walk.


A run or a jog in this state (constipated) will feel quite hard, so a nice stroll around will do it. You will sure feel lighter afterwards.

Chew Gum


Yes, you have most likely observed that you get hungry after chewing gum, enzymes are necessary catalyst for lots of processes in our bodies especially with digestion, enzymes are found in our saliva and when you chew gum you continuously have to send lots of saliva down there to your guts, this in turn helps digestion and before long that bloated feeling goes away as you find yourself burping soon enough. Mint gums are preferable, but some person should avoid strong ones as they may cause further discomfort in the stomach.

Drink Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar


Most traditionally fermented foods are good for our guts, but we are constantly moving away from this old style of preserving food, which was healthier for us. Any health conscious person will likely have heard about organic apple cider vinegar and its many benefits. This also contains lots of digestive enzymes, so that the stomach will find relieve in no time. This also may send you to the toilet, so do not be far from one. Never drink apple cider vinegar without properly mixing it with water, always follow the instruction on your bottle.

Drink Lemon Water

Cold water with lime, lemon and ice in pitchers isolated on white

It always seem lemons can do no evil, this citrus fruits has many health benefits, and is famous in its use for weight loss. I know for a fact that I consistently feel better than other days once I keep to the routine of taking my lemon water, and at such times I hardly ever feel bloated, it seems to take care of things nicely down there in the stomach.

Eat Orange


This one has saved me lots of times, including calming unsettling feelings I may be experiencing in my stomach. Oranges, when eaten completely rather than just for its juice offer the body what is called roughage or fiber, which refers to the part of something you consume which the body cannot digest but helps you digest other foods. Taking oranges often and eating all the fleshy parts it has to offer helps make bowel movement more regular, Which in itself is an answer to constipation or bloating.


Water melon is absolutely colon friendly, and also very beneficial if constipation occurs as it can serve as a mild laxative. I personally vouch for watermelons constipation fighting ability, I even wonder how its not topping this list.


Most of our well being depends on what goes on in our stomachs, a clean gut means a healthy body, that is why constipation or bloating never feels right, so next time you suffer this, you can turn to one of these remedies.

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  1. Hi Debbie, warm is always nice especially for mornings, however through the day you can always carry some lemon mixed with water around in a bottle, and have it handy when needed.

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