Many women around the world wait to have kids, some seem to find it easy, others wait many years while some may just never even know what it feels like to birth a child as they keep loosing their pregnancies. It’s definitely a painful struggle. But then there are many success stories, amazing ones at that and Your Health Attitude interviewed a mother who waited some years before having her fantastic 4. A set of quadruplets. Enjoy The Quadruplets – A Mother’s Experience Waiting to Have Kids.

A brief about her at the end of post.

What was the life you envisaged as a young lady to have in future?

As a young girl I had dreams of having a very large family because I grew up in a small one; African style small though lol. I have three siblings and I wanted to have seven children. I dreamed of getting married to my handsome prince from all the fairy tale books I liked to read- well this dream kinda came true lol, have a great paying 9-5 job, live in a big house with a short white fence and have lots of shoes.

What were your expectations within the first year of Marriage?

I got married in the year 2012 and moved to Lagos from Abuja. Like every new bride I was going to make the best of my marriage.

When did trying to have kids and apparently not succeeding start to become something to worry about?

A few months after I got married. My husband is a medical doctor and tends to over analyse every medical situation. So he had worries a few months after we were married and I got worried too.

What did the doctors say?

The doctors didn’t have much to say. Early in my treatment a doctor said I had an ovarian cyst which turned out to be false alarm. I was perfectly healthy from the rest of the test results.

When I was younger I had hormonal issues and use to have menstrual periods which sometimes last for 2 weeks to 1 month, I got treatment for that and my period was now normal, so that was the only reason doctors could point to. But apart from that I was perfectly fine.

What toll did the desire to have kids, take on your health? Physical or emotional?

At first I made up my mind to not let this phase of my life work me up. I was determined to live my life to the fullest and put my hope in God. But it seemed like every where I turned someone had something to say about my inability to have a child.

My mum was worried so she will ask about it every time she called.
My sister was worried so she will say a prayer every time she called.
My husband was soooooo worried so I became his patient first before his wife

Friends wanted to know what I was waiting for? Why I had not called them to eat rice for naming
Everyone had something to say about my ‘childless-ness’ and at this point it was hard staying happy, I was in a struggle everyday to stay happy.

Did you have any interventions to aid having kids?

Yes I had. I had series of medical tests and checks, I took prescribed drugs and tracked ovulation periods, I also had an Inter Uterine Insemination done three times and it all failed. Although most doctors advised that we take a break on treatments because our test results were OK

How did you feel as the day of delivery approached?

‘You all come out already’!!!!!! Carrying them wasn’t easy at all. I was on bed rest throughout the pregnancy. I wasn’t allowed to do anything except take a bath, eat, sleep and pray. I couldn’t even laugh loud it was a very delicate time for our family.

How did you feel on seeing your kids?

Seeing them felt so amazing. It was hard to believe I was a mum to four beautiful screaming little husband humans lol. It’s the best feeling ever.

Do you plan to have more kids?

No I don’t. I’m not sure if I will change my mind in the future but presently it’s a NO.

What would you say to expecting women seeking their own bundle of joy?

I would say you should seek medical advice with your spouse. Because a lot of emphasis is placed on infertility in women but not men, so always make sure to carry your spouse along.

Be very vigilant when taking medical advice, a lot of people are out to take advantage of your situation so make sure you are speaking with a medical practitioner and not a quack who could make matters worse for you.

Live your life to the fullest when you can because when you finally become a mum you will struggle to get a minute for your self. – I wish someone told me this.

Finally never loose hope in God.

Hidayah Balogun is a warm mother of four, 3 Kings and a Queen(Quadruplets). She is a child nutrition enthusiast who trains mothers on helping their children eat better, eat healthier, enjoy their meals, manage through picky eating and she also develops her own products for children.

She can be found through her Facebook and Instagram handles – All About Baby Food


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