This blog was inspired by my own health challenges and also a natural inclination towards health topics, which I think is still due to my experiences/challenges otherwise I may have been uninterested in health or health matters entirely. I am sympathetic and compassionate towards anyone who may be suffering any form of health challenge or developed one in life, it is equally painful for families and friends who have to take care of an ill or disabled person.

Some have had challenging health problems that simply went away on their own, without drugs or intervention, maybe they outgrew it. Some have suddenly developed a health challenge in life and it is ruining them completely, it is destroying their emotions, self esteem, their peace and their joy. Some are managing loved ones with health conditions. Some have kids who they look at helplessly everyday and have to deal with health challenges their little sun shines are facing.

I have observed an increasing number of visits to this blog, which gladdens my heart. It means some people are listening, some people truly want to get the right health attitude and maybe some are just curious. I want to share how we can avoid illness in the first place so we do not have to struggle with it’s pain, but then, health challenges like all other challenges in life could be inevitable through being prone to such health difficulties due to hereditary factors or other circumstances that fate brings. It is for this reason I thought I should share this post for some interaction.

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What unites humanity has always been stronger than what separates us. Share in the comment section below what part of the world you are from, what health challenge you have endured, or still enduring. If you are living and helping someone with an illness or managing a child with an illness. I understand that many will be hesitant to speak, to share, sometimes out of a sense of shame, anger, disappointment, or pain, but when you begin to speak out is when you see how strong you are or have been and maybe even overcoming this challenge will  come from the most unlikely places.

Kindly let this be part of your comments:

  • State the part of the world you are from.
  • State your health challenge or that of someone close.
  • Its impact on your life/their lives
  • State how you are able to live positively through such challenges.
  • What are your hopes for the future?

I followed this lady Jen https://eczemaholistichealing.wordpress.com/my-story/ during a tough period for me, she has endured even cancer and can still afford to smile today I admire her strength, though we are currently on different paths. I could connect with her like a sister and would never have met her if we did not suffer a similar challenge, we could absolutely relate with each others pains. So lets simply make this a forum to reach out to others, to share, to vent, to proffer solutions and be a source of strength for one another.

I await your avalanche of experiences.

Get your health attitude right today. Be positive.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss new posts and share with your friends and family posts you enjoy around the blog. I am here sincerely to share what can keep us healthy and how we can live positively through health challenges.

I am updating this post on 22nd September 2016 I await you to come and express yourselves,we can all learn and draw strengths from one another meanwhile I found this post which can serve as an inspiration to us all, especially for parents dealing with children with any difficult conditions. My heart goes out to the little girl, her sweet mum, her hero of a dad, her big loving brother http://ideaspots.com/mom-shocked-sees-baby-decision-delivery-room-lesson-us/



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  1. Thanks so much Maryam for sharing my blog! It’s been great getting to know you and I’m glad that you’ve started this blog to put out great health information! Keep up the good work girl 🙂
    Take Care,

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