bubbleboy11 Ever heard about the boy in a bubble, born in 1971 without effective immune defenses, he had to live all his life in a sterile environment, till his eventual death, and what a restricted life it must have been. His name David Phillip Vetter. I guess this influenced the movie “Bubble Boy” I watched as a teenager.


clean We learn from an early age, the need to be clean, to wash our hands, our dirty clothes, keep our surroundings clean among other many external factors we are told and instructed to keep clean. We are however less conscious and less aware of the internal defense system our body has been fitted with when we are born, the armies within which protect us daily from the many microorganisms we cannot even see. If you were to see the room you think you have so thoroughly cleaned, or the toilet you have just washed, if you were to look at these through a microscope you will see a lot of things you never even knew existed.


On a lighter note, I think we can say in this case ignorance is bliss.

The many elements on our skins, in our nose and throats and then our stomachs are fortified with the armies which all round the clock are working to keep us safe and healthy, keep the harmful bacteria and viruses out. If our immune systems are compromised or in any way out of balance we suffer for this shortcoming, exhibited as ill health.

I agree with the school of thought that believes it is of much more importance we strengthen and support our inner defense system as we would always stand a better chance against external dangers.  How can we do this?

images FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Not a lot of people are getting fruits and vegetables into their systems daily, many go days on end without this, depending solely on cooked and processed foods, which in fact take from the body rather than give it, by this I mean they may fill you up when hungry but they don’t necessarily nourish the body, hence they even deplete your system of its own resources.

Fruits and vegetables can often be eaten as they are in their raw form, and the body easily takes in the nutrients they have to offer without much ado. They are the simplest super foods around, highly packed with anti-oxidants (these help us remove potentially damaging oxidizing elements from the body). In essence we should take them every single day, we must have some reasonable serving of fruits and vegetables. This is best taken alone without eating with any other thing. My breakfast is always some fruit, mostly just one type, maybe oranges or pawpaw.

We cannot feel or even hear the noise of the constant war our inner armies are fighting, if we did, it will probably block out every other sound, but we must be aware it exists, and for anyone who understands that health is wealth and peace of mind and body, it is important to take deliberate steps to help your system be at its best.

I will subsequently write about different fruits and their benefits.

Do your immune system a favor and pack more fruits and vegetables on your plate.

Coconut-and-Coconut-Oil COCONUT OIL: It is said that if you are hoping to give your immune system some boost, have some coconut oil daily. In recent times, coconut oil is rapidly gaining some popularity. History has it that it had some bad publicity in the past, due to some of its fat being tagged as bad probably with the emergence of the so-called hydrogenated oils and companies promoting them, however, when we are talking about unprocessed cold pressed coconut oil, it will always come out tops as one of the best oils anyone can consume. There is so much I could say about this oil, it has anti-viral properties, it is potent against harmful microbes, it has anti- cancer potentials, it helps maintain weight and improve nutrition which are both important in immune system function especially for sick individuals.

Just imagine your inner armies fighting, minding their business doing their job, and they just suddenly begin to get reinforcements and this happens when they are tackling a very stubborn enemy bent on getting into your body to mess with your health, they would use the extra help efficiently. Coconut oil can be your daily reinforcement aiding your immune defenses. There’s so much information on it out there. Find out while I get a shot of mine.

healthy-gutGUT HEALTH: My writings will always find a way to bring up our stomachs, as I said a lot goes on in there, it is even said that we all have unique gut floras peculiar to each of us almost like a finger print. We need to take care of our stomachs, through what goes into it and what comes out of it. What goes into it, through eating clean and healthy and what comes out through proper elimination which can be aided through colon hydrotherapy which you will find here TRADITIONAL HEALING METHODS WE ARE FORGETING

Build and strengthen the fortress in your body, the illnesses, outbreak of plagues and disorders we hear about are not myths, they are real, and anyone can be vulnerable, if our inner defenses are stronger our bodies will better fight external dangers which would rather have us sick rather than well and dead rather than alive.


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