The eczema healing crisis may sound strange and for some going through the natural healing process with their eczema, it could even be going on right now as you read this post with your body, because it is an area I think most people may not be aware, hence they get frustrated.

During those years of searching for answers, I’d always come across different articles, somehow I knew on the long run the answer lied in what to eat and not eat among some other adjustments, but I wasn’t quite ready maybe because I still had the oral steroids that kept me going and was masking (which I now consider good and not bad) my chronic eczema problem,  during those times I purchased an e-book, where the writer claimed in three simple steps he was rid of eczema. Now that I think of it, its either he had really mild eczema or he never had eczema and was just making money selling the e-book, for not once did he mention the “healing crisis”

I expected that once I stayed away from all offending foods, ate more healthy meals consciously, I would simply become rid of the eczema, but even though I was still on oral steroids any time I would attempt this, one thing was constant there seemed always to be an increase in my condition, which baffled me.

The healing crisis will happen even if you do not have eczema or other chronic illness, as soon as you decide on some detoxification procedure for your body, it will happen. For some it may be mild, others moderate, or severe like mine.

The healing crisis occurs because your body has observed the absence of most harmful substances you ingest often, it does not have to deal with them anymore, so it deals with harmful stuff that’s still lurking in your system, it will find it easier to do because you are now making deliberate efforts to rid yourself of toxins by feeding yourself with nutrient dense foods. The body will be doing this at a fast rate because it has the resources it needs.The organs of eliminations Liver, Kidney, Intestines,Lungs & Skin begin to flush out toxins.

A person without any serious illness may simply experience the following as their healing crisis:

  • Exhaustion; This stems from the energy being utilized by the organs of elimination. Since this will be happening, it’s best to rest as you detox rather than involving in any serious physical activity.
  • Dark & and Foul smelling Fecal Matter (poo) and Urine which will change with time if the detox lasts long enough to get rid of toxins
  • Cold symptoms i.e catarrh & Cough. Bad breath can occur as well, as the lungs carry out waste
  • Symptoms of diarrhea
  • Breakout on the skin as with appearance of Acne (pimples) or rashes. This occurs since the Skin is one of the channels of elimination and also because the liver, Kidneys and the rest are doing so much so the skin is then used as another channel to take out the trash.

With Eczema patients like yours truly, who once decided walked the path of detoxification and natural remedies with the hope of healing this INSANE illness, the healing crisis is terribly unpleasant. Eczema started in the first place among other reasons as the body’s way of telling you something is wrong, it is in fact the body’s way of trying to correct that problem, the problem is really what hasn’t been answered, everyone’s problem is peculiar it appears. One of the reasons the healing crisis will be tough is due to fact that the body will also be working hard to get rid of toxic overload from different sources accumulated over time.The skin will look so insane that it almost becomes hard to believe it will ever return to normal, because the body will be using the skin on a massive scale to eliminate waste, hence an increase in Eczema.

Here are some of the unpleasantness called healing crisis I went  through.

  • Intense Itching and rapidly spreading Eczema rash
  • Very tiny and multiple boils on my back, arms & thighs. I had to wrap some parts of me with cling film before I could bath when this was going on.
  • Extreme heat radiating right out of the body such that anyone near you could feel it. My sister called it Combustion, and when I had the spirit to joke a bit I would say I had so much heat I could be used to power up something.
  • Skin was hot in all areas there was eczema rash.
  • Though there was that heat radiating right out of me, but I would always feel cold and shiver endlessly, my feet would be cold when touched, so this was feeling hot and cold at the same time. Terrible!
  • An extreme feeling of restlessness within me, a feeling like I had high blood pressure.
  • At some point, there was complete loss of appetite so I was eating very little.
  • Foul smelling Fecal matter (poo) & Urine especially in the morning.
  • Inability to sleep most nights.
  • Bad breath even with brushing.
  • Open wounds from scratching and raw skin.
  • Extreme tiredness that it was hard to sometimes stand even for just a little time That’s why this needs so much rest.
  • Swollen feet and puffy eyes. My feet went swollen to twice it’s size, it was hard to walk or keep it on the floor. My guide through the this journey told me this too was normal as the steroids I’d taken were getting out of my system.
  • Swollen and painful lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and pubic areas, small ball like things that appear mostly when people are ill.
  • Extremely dry and scaly skin that flakes off massively and almost endlessly, everywhere you go, you drop some parts of you in form of flaky scales, the bed, the chair and toilets, its just not nice.

Enter the two I hate to have to talk about:

  • I observed in myself that with rash on my body and all the discomfort it was terrible for me to look at certain things. Certain patterns, lines or cluster of tiny things freak me out. Holes were the number one culprit, it almost drove me insane to look at them and it would make me itch like mad.Later found out this is called TRYPOPHOBIA. Thank God I am not crazy, as it happens that other people suffer this even without Eczema. Only people who have experienced this would know what I mean. NOTE: Please do not do an image search for this condition on Google or you may be disturbed for a very long time.
  • Oozing of lymph fluids right out of the skin. I could stand any other thing but this, its beyond explanation, the discomfort this causes. The skin at some point during the healing crisis will begin oozing out this fluid which could be yellow and sticky or just watery. The skin feels damp everywhere, when there is itching and the spot is scratched the ooze practically flows right out. It makes it even harder to sleep. this went on for about three months for me, though it gradually begins to reduce till its hardly there, which is the point I am now as I write this.The only relief I could give myself physically from this was to clean with organic apple cider vinegar (Braggs) and wrap most of my body with bandage. This was done especially so I could sleep. It is said that this Oozing is also toxic waste getting out of the body.

So there you have it, what I experienced during the healing crisis. But this entire process really defined the meaning of NO PAIN NO GAIN.

The healing crisis is tough, but then it makes you tougher, everyday will be a new challenge,in the end you’ll have rid your body of so much harmful stuff that’s just sitting there waiting to explode into another disease.

I did go into this process with the hope that I would soon naturally heal my eczema, but after some months I had to quit and return again to the only way I have been able to live like a normal and sane person with this challenge called Atopic Dermatitis. More info on my experiences you will find around the blog.

It breaks my heart to see images of myself from this process, but pictures speak and I believe many others can relate and maybe hopefully know they are not alone.

As an update to this post I urge you to read THIS

photo0781My hand

photo0777Swollen legs

photo0770Skin oozing lymph fluids


You have no other place to live than in your body, treat it well and it will do the rest.