I recently came across an interesting read and thought I should share it wit you all. So it so happens that mosquitoes may have special preferences on who they decide to pick on. Aside the fact that this is interesting to know, we all know mosquitoes are a menace and cause malaria, which really is not friendly to health. Malaria in fact leads to many deaths of adults and infants around the world, so if you find yourself fitting into any of the groups, extra care to keep mosquitoes away may be necessary. So here are some reasons why mosquitoes may pick you over others and believe me, it is backed by science.


PREGNANT WOMEN – Mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women as they are said to exhale more carbon dioxide and are warmer in body temperature than others. There is extra care given to women towards preventing malaria, especially in developing countries, where they are more prone to getting bitten by mosquitoes. Pregnant women should keep their environments clean and sleep under treated nets as required.

“O” BLOOD GROUP – Mosquitoes are said to bite us to harvest proteins from our blood. In a controlled study mosquitoes were reported to have landed twice as often on those with type O blood group. If this is your blood group, mosquitoes may pick you above others. You are a special flavor.


THE ATHLETES – Lactic acid is produced when exercise is done. Lactic acid is a compound produced when glucose is broken down and oxidized. During intense exercise when oxygen levels are lower, more lactic acid is produced. Mosquitoes are attracted to lactic acid. Hence if you are an athlete or exercise regularly, mosquitoes may pick you above others.


THE COLOUR YOU WEAR – As certain insects are attracted to some colours, so will mosquitoes easily find you as a prey when you wear colours like navy, black or red. Mosquitoes are highly visual.


BEER DRINKERS – In a study, more mosquitoes significantly landed on participants after drinking beer. The scientist figured it must have been due to an increase in ethanol content in sweat and skin temperature from consuming the beer.

Mosquitoes will generally thrive where there is a favorable habitat for them, they bite and suck humans for blood and leave us with the malaria parasite which causes illness. Malaria has taken the lives of many hence we must all protect ourselves form them. Hoping you found this article interesting. Share with your friends and family.

Have a positive health attitude.



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