The thought just hit me, different attitudes, behaviours and habits we have can actually have a direct or indirect impact on our health, in this case I thought it would be interesting to talk about LAZINESS. Some are lazy on an extreme level, they would rather starve than make a meal, they would rather stay in a dirty place than clean it up, and they couldn’t care less if they sit all day doing absolutely nothing. For others, it’s sometimes just bouts of moments when they have little or no urge to do or indulge in any activity, while for some too, they are constantly on the go with seemingly endless energy, in fact inactivity is sickening for these fellows.

Irrespective of where you fall in the lazy sphere, here are some ways laziness can impact your health either directly or indirectly:

  1. BEING DIRTY & UNTIDY: Of course from our toddler days we are taught the importance of hygiene, personal and environmental hygiene. The lazy and untidy person will not care about how their living quarters look, neither are they bothered about cleaning it up. Dust on surfaces, plates piled up in the kitchen, objects all over the place without proper arrangement, a dirty toilet. We are already fighting enough battles in our day-to-day lives and being extremely dirty and untidy simply puts us at greater risks of illnesses. The specific ways these attitude can have a negative impact on us include:


  1. Inhaling different harmful matter flying around the atmosphere of the dirty environment we put ourselves, this can lead to developing chronic conditions like asthma and allergies which may not have been triggered in the first place were a clean environment maintained.

2. Eating contaminated food due to poor hygiene in the kitchen area, through un-sanitized counter tops, poor food storage, among many others. These in turn makes the body a breeding ground for different harmful bacteria. When this turns to illness, they can be fatal and lead to death. A dirty kitchen also becomes a breeding ground for cockroaches and rodents.

3. Being exposed to a dirty toilet is just as dangerous, toilets and bathrooms are quick breeding grounds to parasites and bacteria, these can get into the body causing fatal illnesses. We may not be able to see some things with our eyes, but they exist and can cause much harm should they get into the body, hence that you don’t see them in the toilet does not mean they are not there.

4. The impact of being dirty by being lazy is not limited to these negative factors, but of course it also seems to speak about such a person’s mental and emotional health. It is abnormal to be able to live in such disorder, so such a person could be going through something making them extremely negligent of their personal and environmental hygiene, it could be the loss of someone dear, emotional abuse, or depression. If you know you are in this state due to any of these or other contributing factors it is best to get a grip on your life and get help too if possible, or it could be a continuous circle which eventually harms no one but you.

5. Having a very negative image with friends and family. Who wants to visit their dirty aunty, or that untidy friend? People will keep away from you if you are a dirty person, no doubt about that, and they will say things behind your back, your home will always look terrible and lack serenity. Is this what you want?

WAY OUT: Being dirty is a choice, a negative attitude, one that can lead to ill health. So if you are this way you simply need to turn around and change, if your home is looking completely crazy, hire someone or a cleaning service to do the work for you and begin to maintain the cleanliness henceforth.



LAZINESS & INACTIVITY: Let’s say laziness is not making you dirty, however you are mostly just a couch potato (meaning you spend most of the time sitting or lying around watching TV or doing nothing) and find it okay to be this way, the truth is inactivity is part of the health hazards of our generation. I will be simply straight forward on this one, for many of us know the truth but are negligent or lack motivation. An inactive person is susceptible to the following health challenges:

  1. Obesity: with no outlet to burn excess energy and fat, the inactive person invites obesity, which in turn invites other heath challenges such as diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, or stroke.
  2. Indulging in active actions helps a person to burn calories as well as eliminate harmful waste from the body through sweating and bowel movements, this means being less likely to suffer certain health challenges such as cancer.
  3. Inactivity is sometimes linked to anxiety and depression. By simple observation, we can ask ourselves, how do we feel on days when we are actually active and productive compared to days we sit around and do nothing? It’s often a feeling of joy & fulfillment and depression/anxiety respectively.

LAZINESS & AWARENESS: Being lazy can lead to an attitude where we are ignorant of basic things that have to do with health in general or specific health challenges we are suffering. There could be a thousand and one alternatives to managing that health challenge of yours, the answer could be something in your house which you see every day. But such negligent behaviour where you think only a doctor should solve your problems could lead to endlessly popping pills on a matter that may be as simple as eating more bananas every day. Just saying. Learn to research on whatever health challenges you face.


LAZINESS & JUNK EATING: Naturally, laziness is one of the reasons we don’t make healthy meals, hence we would rather toss down something in a box, or can or grab some fast food somewhere and as you must have read in DO WE REALLY KNOW WHAT JUNK FOOD IS? and HOW TO AVOID EATING JUNK FOOD These kind of foods are extremely detrimental to our health.


There are many other ways laziness impacts on our lives and our health not limited to what I have mentioned here, but it’s clear enough for anyone to see that it is indeed a big deal.

Change that lazy attitude today, for your own sake and those around you.

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