Healthy home made meals which save one from the many store bought junk food as well those from fast food chains are the way to go. So here is yours truly bringing you how to make Plantain & Oatmeal buns, this is my own recipe which I whisked all up and it worked just fine. This recipe is gluten free and lactose fee.

Be warned that I am terrible with measurements, I mostly gauge with my head. Apologies to people who are very meticulous about measurements.


  • Two medium sized very ripe plantains ( this saves you throwing away plantain you may think is over ripe and useless)
  • One cup of finely ground oatmeal flour. Store bought or grinned at home.
  • Onions and other pepper if desired
  • One egg (not compulsory)
  • Oil for frying – preferably cold press oil that can stand high heat (always avoid hydrogenated oils)
  • A pinch of salt or seasoning cube if desired
  • A teaspoon of baking soda (baking powder could work too)


  • Blend the ripe plantains in a blender and pour in a bowl


  • Add the cup of finely ground oatmeal flour to the plantain along with the sliced onions, pepper, salt, egg, and baking soda.


  • Whisk together till smooth and fine.

  • Place oil in a frying pan or pot and put over fire
  • When oil is hot use a spoon to scoop pastry into oil.
  • Deep fry and turn to other side as it begins to turn brown.
  • Fry till all side is golden brown

  • Serve

And that how to make Plantain & Oatmeal buns.

I have written quite a number of articles such as you will find here and here as relates to junk food and their dangers. We all like to snack in between meals sometimes so its better at all times to find healthy alternatives. This recipe contains no sugar, its sweetness is derived from the ripe plantain, it contains no gluten which many people are intolerant to and avoid due to its many other negative health triggers. It is also fried in health friendly oil and oatmeal contains fiber which normal conventional flours lack. Fiber is health friendly too. Children will also love this.

Have a positive health attitude. Share this recipe with you family and friends, it just takes the click of button.

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