This is an era where we all somehow know in our subconscious minds that eating healthy is the way to go, but somehow we still don’t, we don’t have that strong will or we keep running into junk and it so willingly runs into us as well! Wow! Coincidence or what?

So I’ve had to deal with this same problem, that frizzy drink that looks so colourfull it seems like a hand is reaching out from the bottle just calling me to grab it, those tempting colours that call in a way that water will most likely not, I mean orange colour, black, red, and the bottles just won’t let you rest either nicely designed well shaped bottles that you just want to grab, and those adverts on Television where the bottle seems to be sweating from what?! Not even heat but cold and someone grabs and gulps it. #Laughing. Much as I am not trying to tempt you here I just know this will certainly be scenarios only too familiar to you. But need we be told again, junk is terrible for our health.

It is however necessary to mention that still some persons are oblivious of this fact, after getting a fast food or meal filled with every junkable junk served to the family, the same junk is still washed down (as we naijalites dey talk) with another junk drink and finally the result? JUNK BODY!

So let’s say enough on that though I could go on and on, but maybe somebody is wondering what really is junk food or junk eating? Junk food is a derisive slang term for food that is of little nutritional value and often high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories. (Wikipedia) sounds familiar now? In many other sections of this blog you will get enlightened on identifying what are whole foods and healthy and what is not, if it isn’t around the blog yet, just look out it is coming soon.

Here are a number of reasons why we take junk and the possible ways out:

  • H5IT’S AVAILABLE: So your reading table has some biscuits, maybe one canned frizzy drink, what about the fridge? Canned foods, more sweet drinks, ice cream, bread. Your car? Maybe you are a sweet tooth, so there is a chocolate bar stuffed somewhere, or a lollipop and another set of biscuits. You get the point already, right? You are not just bumping into junk, it is there because you made it available, its everywhere within your reach because you put it there, so take it out, I don’t mean now though. Go easy on yourself and let it be gradual, in quitting or achieving anything you need to set your milestones and bask in succeeding.
  • H4BOREDOM: Home alone? Unemployed or just lazy-ing from lack of activity? These are some reasons you will reach out for junk, it happens a lot to most people, of this I am sure, when there seems to be nothing worthwhile or entertaining enough for us to do, we think of food, the problem is as long as the body has become used to all those sugars, salts and calories, it will demand more all the time and hence the picture of food in your head you will be seeing at a time of boredom will not be you getting up to make something healthier to eat, it will be the picture of that colourful wrap of ‘something’ in the kitchen or drawer somewhere. Please eat when you are hungry and not when bored, and if you have made junk unavailable you will be able to eat right when actually hungry than eat wrong.
  • h3BUSY SCHEDULES: There is no denying we live in a fast paced era, true. If you have a job, a stressful one especially there is no doubt you will likely grab at what is convenient, fast and available, fast convenient and available mostly translates to junk. Ways out? If you have opted out of junk and have found replacements for most of it (replacements for junks will be found on this blog soon) such as fruit juices, who says you cannot carry it around as you would your bottled water or canned drink? Move around with this and you will sure still have something healthy to grab when in need, another thing is book with that ‘mamaput’ ‘Iya Basira’ near your work place to always make you your own special, or a deliberate effort to always eat right even if you enter a fast food restaurant. Nothing is impossible, strong will is simply key.
  • H2BE DETERMINED: Let’s say the first round of junkies are out and you want to stay on track but of course temptation is always in the way, like the one I mentioned earlier, you need to stay focused on your goal and determined, and take it one step at a time a good example is saying from tomorrow hence and the next one week, I will avoid such and such, more is added to the list of what to avoid as the weeks roll by, and you feel good about this on till you become a conscious healthy eater. GAIN CONTROL!!
  • H1KEEP REMINDING YOURSELF: You know you want to quit, you are sure, but one of our not so great attributes as humans is we forget. So in about a few days you may forget why you started trying to quit this, why it is important. How do you get past this? Keep reminding yourself, have a friend remind you, keep an article close by that reminds you, come and check this blog again to remind you, make a mental note to not grab and reach out for junk, place a sticky note by your bed, dressing mirror, dashboard in your car, wherever you wish, that tells you what to avoid and why you are doing so.

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