As promised your health attitude will be bringing you some health info and news at the end of each month, so beneath are some health info & news for October 2016.


  • US BASED NIGERIAN DOCTOR OPERATES ON UNBORN BABY – A US based Nigerian surgeon by the name Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye successfully operated on a baby with a dangerous tumor growth at the base of the infant’s til bone. The tumor could not be left till the birth of the child as it would lead to shortage of blood supply to the baby which then leads to a heart attack. The mother of the baby Margaret Boemer was initially advised to terminate the pregnancy, she however found hope with the doctor and his team who had previously carried out a similar surgery some 7 years back. The baby was operated upon and returned to her mother’s womb after which the mother delivered her at 36 weeks. This is indeed  great step in surgery as relates to infants who may otherwise have been lost to parents who wish to keep them. It feels anyone who hears this with awe at surgery being carried out on an unborn fetus and returned to it’s mother’s womb to be delivered at the right time. Thumbs up to the doctor and his awesome team.


  • DUPILUMAB DRUG FOR SEVERE ECZEMA GOES THROUGH PHASE 3 CLINICAL TRIALS – Dupilumab is a subcutaneous biological drug being developed to help severe eczema patients cope with the debilitating condition. The drug has so far shown positive effects in clinical trials with patients who volunteered seeing drastic improvements in their severe Atopic Dermatitis conditions. The FDA as also acknowledged the drug as a “breakthrough therapy”. If hopefully all goes well with the phase 3 trials of the drug, it is said the FDA will likely make a decision by the end of March and if approved will hit the market shortly after. You can read a little more on dupilumab HERE Dupilumab will also be used for patients with allergic asthma.


  • TEEN WAKES UP FROM COMA SPEAKING FLUENT SPANISH – Reuben Nsemoh after being kicked in the head while playing soccer went into a coma, before that he could speak some Spanish, but after he woke up he began speaking fluent Spanish. Turns out doctors have a name for this rare condition called “foreign accent syndrome” where patients gets disrupted speech patterns from brain injury. Reuben is said to be regaining his English and loosing much of the Spanish fluency.


  • VIRUSES CAN INCREASE THE RISK OF CANCER – Some new set of substances have been added by the US Department of Health and Human Services as cancer causing agents. 5 on the new list are viruses, and HIV is one of them. This can be attributed to the fact that such viruses weaken the immune system thereby making it more vulnerable to cancer. There are so far no vaccines yet for these viruses hence prevention strategies to avoid such viruses are important. Leaving a clean lifestyle which encapsulates, how we eat and what we eat, where we live (being safe from pollution) and other conscious efforts can save us from the many modern day illnesses.


  • SIMPLE DIY (do it yourself) WAYS TO IMPROVE MENTAL HEALTH – People suffer different forms of mental disorders, no doubt some need help and need to see therapists often or use medications. However we could all use some mental health tips that can help keep feelings of anxiety, depression or compulsive acts at bay by simply taking some steps.
  1. Do not let failure crush you – Because we all aim for perfection in some aspects of our lives we may take any form of failure too hard such that it leads to a poor state of mental and emotional health. Hence, it is important to understand that failure is part of life, part of the process of success, and should not be taken to such extents that it becomes destructive to our persons.
  2. Go Outside – Spending so much time indoors from being an introvert, or suffering some emotional loss can also contribute to negative mental health, which deteriorates further over time. Going outside, especially visiting a place with an abundance of nature is therapy for the mind. Studies have showed that time spent in green space improves emotional and mental health than time spent indoors watching TV.
  3. Tune in to your inner selfHERE I mentioned breathing meditation as ways one can sustain good health. It is important to have a mental break from all the activities and noise around. Through meditation which can be done as suits any person, we calm our mind, we become in tune with our mind and bodies, we rest from random disturbing thoughts, which in the end results in a positive state of mental & emotional health.
  4. Reach out – We have friends and family in our lives for a reason, they are our supportive network. So it is wise to reach out to them when we seem to be dealing with troubling thoughts which are not healthy for us, they can help us sort our emotions, encourage us, or do any other nice things that can take us right out of the deep end we are sinking into.

There you have it, a few health info & news for October 2016. So much happens in the health world all year round, but I hope you found something useful here.

Have a positive health attitude.

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