Another month has just gone by. Following are some health info & news for November 2016.

AN APP THAT CAN HELP YOU TAKE OFF YOUR GLASSES – The app puts patients through high end visual exercises, all patients needs is to go through the disciplined rigid training plan and they could take off their glasses again. The amazing part is this training is said to improve the brain rather than the eyes. Here again is how the world of technology comes to the rescue.


KIDNEY CANCER DRUG IN EARLY TRIAL SHOWS PROMISE – “The drug CB-839 is the first to target an enzyme that cancer cells require to stay alive, researchers said. This stage 1 clinical trial found that the drug was effective in most patients with advanced kidney cancer when used in combination with another cancer drug called everolimus (Afinitor, Zortress)”


WINDOW BLIND CHORD ACCIDENTALLY KILLS 3 YEAR OLD – Elsie Mahe, a little girl of three in US, died a week after accidentally tangling her neck with a window blind cord. Elsie was playing with a friend who ran to report the incidence to Elsie’s mother. She was in ICU and breathing on a ventilator before her final demise. Her parents are donating her organs to help save the lives of others. Window strangling incidents are said to occur about once a month, this just goes to show that seemingly harmless objects can cause fatal harm to children. It is also important to have adults around when children are playing. Rest in peace Elsie Mahe.

OLDEST LIVING PERSON SAYS RAW EGGS HELPED – Morano is the woman who today is seen as the oldest living person, at the age of 116, she has lived through 3 centuries. Morano has been on a peculiar diet she started after World War I, when a doctor suggested she eats raw eggs to combat her anaemia. Just in case someone wants to go down the path of raw eggs for longevity.


HIV VACCINE STUDY STARTS IN SOUTH AFRICA – A new vaccine, the first in seven years is being tested in South Africa to test the effectiveness of a vaccine against HIV as reported by the National Institute of Health (NIH) which is funding the study. The last HIV vaccine to show promise was tested in Thailand in 2003. HIV has taken the lives the lives.


COMPOUND FOUND IN “MAGIC MUSHROOMS” WHICH MAY TREAT DEPRESSION IN CANCER PATIENTS – A negative aura of impending doom always hits and stays with people who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses such as Cancer. A certain hallucinogen “psilocybin” found in some mushroom species is under study as a viable remedy to lifting such negative feelings in patients. Studies showed that a single dose of the compound reduced psychological stress and depression in patients with cancer. The dose not only works almost immediately but also had long lasting effects.
There you have it, some health info & news for November 2016.
Have a positive health attitude.

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