No matter how healthy a person maybe, it is almost certain that you will have to visit a hospital or see a doctor at some point in life. Doctors are those professionally trained to handle our health problems, identify them and probably help us say “goodbye” to such challenges. Through my experiences and that of many others, I have come to realize that some doctors are not so awesome. So do you know the kind of doctor you are dealing with? Enjoy this piece titled good doctor, bad doctor! Know your doctor.


THE HIGH & MIGHTY DOCTOR: Many people visit doctors treating them (doctors) like they know it all, especially in third world countries where literacy levels are quite low. Some of these doctors know this and hence lord themselves over their patients. They are often rude, and have the attitude of “do not question me”. They want you to swallow everything they say and get out of their office. They are indifferent and uncaring. They would say something so obviously not connected to your problem and expect you to accept it. A good example is tell you to go do an HIV test on your first visit for something as simple as a skin rash even if they are dermatologists.


THE STALE DOCTOR: The stale doctor is not up-to-date in his field, he is still stuck in the past, not realizing or refusing to realize and keep up with the contemporary practices in his field. You may find that you know better than this doctor, what is going on with you and the medications available for your condition including their availability and side effects. The stale doctor will recommend old drugs, they looks at illnesses only through the lens of what he learned in school. It is easy to think that it is the older doctors that think or act this way, this is however not a trait exclusive to older doctors, rather it is a trait present due to lack of self d evelopment and the thirst for continuous growth & knowledge. When you meet a doctor that “knows” you will know.


THE CLUELESS/LAZY DOCTOR: The clueless and lazy doctor acts like he is not sure what is wrong with you, even after you have provided all the answers to his question. He is also quite lazy, his energy vibes are low, he is reluctant to move or write, he can’t wait for his shift to be over. He will scratch his head and ask you more clueless questions and finally write you some prescription. He probably sighs after you shut the door.


THE DASH YOUR HOPES DOCTOR: An aunt of mine recently told me a doctor asked if any family members of hers have ever died in their sleep. I could not believe a doctor could not find a better way to ask such a question, irrespective of what her condition may be. Some tell patients boldly all the ills they predict will come with the illness they suffer. They simply can’t or chose not to find a way to cushion the harshness of what they say it to their patients. They seem to lack empathy.

Now this post is not to tag all doctors as evil, because doctors are really wonderful people doing wonderful things all over the world, so here also are some great traits of wonderful doctors:


THE FRIENDLY DOCTOR: This doctor is warm and welcoming, he greets you with a smile on his face, you feel at home with him and you will probably laugh once or twice before you leave his office, if you came to him with a feeling like the world is on your shoulders, you will leave feeling like you have no problems at all. This doctor in himself is already a cure to your illness, metaphorically speaking.


THE METICULOUS DOCTOR: This doctor gives so much attention to detail that it could get you tired, but he is just trying to do his job properly, he would examine you and ask very serious and related questions, he would probably ask for a series of tests to make certain he is on the right track. In the end, though you will be better off for it, no wrong diagnosis, no wrong medications.


THE CO-OPERATIVE DOCTOR: The cooperative doctor is ready to work with you, most times this is a doctor you may have been with for some years, they know your history and what troubles you. They will listen to your fears about medications or other matters and look into your own suggestions to see how they can create a balance. You can count on them to treat you like a partner in solving your own problems.

Information is now at our finger tips, I often advocate that people don’t just leave their challenges to doctors alone to decipher, look for information and listen to your body. Also be informed about what applies in today’s world as regards your illness, that will help you to also help your doctor. Never tolerate bad attitude from a doctor, he may be a professional in his field, but you also know somethings he may not know, if things get out of hand, lay your grievances with the hospital management or relevant authorities. Always research medications you are given, so you do not harm yourself by simply relying on a doctors judgement.

Good doctor, bad doctor! Know your doctor. Hope you enjoyed this piece.

If you have anymore experiences with doctors, drop them in the comment section, and share this post with people you care about.

Have a positive health attitude.



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  1. For every bad doctor there are about 3 to 5 bad nurses in the Nigerian setup. I think the poor working environment and renumeration may be a contributory factor. Some however are just outrightly clueless. Doctors are having a hard time presently.

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