There are so many out there that are battling everyday to workout, to take the first step in their fitness journey some never start as they keep saying “I will start tomorrow” some start but cannot keep the tempo, and quit. While some are getting it together everyday. Learn some simple ways you can begin your own workout journey, and your time starts NOW!


THE DECISION:  As with any matter in the life of man, a decision has to be made for actions to take place. It all begins in the mind, our thoughts reflects as actions. Do you wish to start working out? If yes, that is your decision. But it does not end there.


TAKE DELIBERATE STEPS –  So you have made a decision, you need to put the machinery in place that makes your decision possible. Prepare ahead, what will you be needing and where will you be going? Answer this question. Do you have workout clothes and shoes? If you don’t buy them, if you do, they are probably gathering dust somewhere, hunt them down and clean them up, because it is time to rumble and you have made your decision.


OUTDOORS WORK BETTER: I find it is quite easy to sit around and still not exercise even with having work out equipment at home. It just does not always work. If you want to be serious with you, then you need to get out there, to sweat it out. You just need to go out of your comfort zone, there is hardly respect for the exercise machine sitting at home, there is even more respect for the one at the gym.


CHOOSE A SPORT YOU LOVE: It can be boring simply thinking of just getting out to jog, or jump some stairs. However if you have a sport you have always thought you might enjoy, this serves as a good motivation to begin exercising. Think of that sport you wish you could be good at and have the crowd cheering at you. Then go do it.

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PAY TO WORKOUT: We tend to take what we have to pay for more seriously than what is free. Find a coach, or a club or a gym where you have to actually pay to join or get coached in a sport of your choice, that way you will see your exercise as an investment you are wasting when you choose not to go. Nobody wants to waste money. So pay to exercise somewhere.


TEAM UP WITH A GROUP/FRIEND: “Together we stand, divided we fall” this is a popular saying, so know it that, fighting your reluctance to workout alone can prove even harder when you have no other person around you with a similar struggle. So it gives you a lot of motivation when you team up with people of like minds, foe sometimes you will keep them going or they will keep you going. Stick to a team or partner and you will likely remain motivated and consistent.


REWARD YOURSELF: Tell yourself what you will do for you if you can pull this exercise thing out for just one month? Buy yourself something, or maybe visit that nice place in your city you have been hearing about. Placing a reward ahead for yourself will keep you going.


HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME: So you have only done a week or a few days at this working out thing, what matters is you are no longer at the point all you were doing is wishing to get it started, keep looking forward to adding up more days, such that each day you are not where you were yesterday. Its that simple. Just remain consistent. Your body may be sore at first but that in itself is a reward if you look at it that way.

Now staying motivated is not limited to these ways, also, you could read a gazillion books and posts on workout but it all fall on YOU to get it done in the end. However there are even more benefits that come with working out that may just get you going:

  • Workouts help you keep up with other things in your life, it helps you stay more focused. If you can work out and consistently stick to your routine, you will most likely go with the same attitude as concerns other important matters in your life. You stick to a plan and see it through.
  • Workouts help you to be a more confident person. The ability to push yourself makes you see and know your own strengths, hence better self esteem.
  • Workouts keep you healthy. When you exercise you sweat, and through your sweat you eliminate waste from the body, workouts serve as physical detox for the body. Your joints and muscles move hence they stay in shape. Exercise gives you better stamina, you become better equipped to withstand physical and mental activity without running out of energy so quickly.
  • Workouts do elevate your social status. Yes you get respected for working out, forget haters who would make you feel you are wasting your time. Respect can come from becoming so good at the sport you use to exercise that you become a champion. Who does not like the champion feeling?
  • Workouts can help you stay positive and keep you occupied in times not so blooming. Unemployed youths can particularly find workouts motivating in the face of lack of a job, workouts can add some meaning to life and save one getting heavily depressed.

There you have it, go out there and enjoy your workout.

Get a positive health attitude. You have any more tested ways you have tried that kept you going in your fitness life? Drop your comments below and don’t forget to share this posts wit others.


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