As a patient of eczema (Atopic Dermertitis) spanning over 10 years I can understand the frustrations the entire condition puts individuals and parents. Some are just developing the condition and looking for ways to understand it and possible solutions. Whatever your reason for searching for Eczema related info I want to make this a bit easier for you. Beneath you will find link to websites and bloggers who are managing eczema in their own unique wonderful ways. I am neither an advocate for strictly natural means of treatments nor am I strictly an advocate for orthodox style treatments. I have gone down the different paths, and now I believe in whatever will bring some ease and sanity in managing this tough condition. As you can see, this blog uses a logo which is a capsule and a plant, I believe in the world of nature and man made medicine.

Look through these blogs and sites to find loads of information and maybe connect with the people behind them.

  1. Jennifer Hall is a nice friendly young lady who blogs at she has survived Hodgkin’s Lymphoma along with having lived with eczema since childhood. She sticks to a completely natural regimen with managing her eczema. Her blog has a lot of information and experiences we can relate to. She is always available to respond to anyone.
  2. Donia Alawi. While I was looking to try a strictly natural means of possibly curing my eczema I would always come across the name Donia Alawi. She is an elderly woman who has also had years of dealing with eczema and says she is now free from it. Donia also uses natural means encouraging healing the gut and eating correctly as a very necessary step toward healing eczema. Link to her site here
  3. Abby Lai blogs at she is from Hong Kong, she has also battled with eczema since teenage hood, she shares her healing crisis experience on eczema, I purchased one of her books while going through my steroid withdrawal and healing crisis in 2015, I wanted to learn some other ways I could ease and maybe hasten the tough process. She also has a lot of worthwhile reads on her blog.
  4. Harrison Li, also a long time sufferer of eczema, he writes about his experiences and experiments with eczema. Find him here
  5. Jennifer is a mother with 2 kids one who suffers sever eczema and other allergies, she has eczema friendly products to offer for those seeking such things. Find her here

As I said I will update this post as often as I find strong reliable sources we can all turn to, apparently all the listed sites so far are on the path of “strictly natural” to help manage their eczema, I personally use a combination of natural and orthodox I do not see medications as evil or anything, but I acknowledge they come with their side effects which is what I strive to counter, and I can’t say I am failing at that. I believe there is always a way out.

Have a positive health attitude.

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