As an eczema patient and not just any, but a chronic sufferer of Atopic Dermatitis AD, I am searching like many others for the better alternatives out there which could possibly help manage the painful condition. So I came across Dupilumab last year, as a new drug going through trials which has shown positive results with clearing up rash in moderate to severe in Atopic Dermatitis patients. Hence we can conclude Dupilumab is the new hope for eczema patients.

“Dupilumab is a monoclonal antibody designed for the treatment of atopic diseases. This drug was developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. The US Food and Drug Administration has designated dupilumab a “breakthrough therapy” wikipedia

Dupilumab is a subcutaneous biological therapy drug. Subcutaneous means under the skin, which implies the drug will be injected into patients. Biological means a substance that is made from a living organism or its products and is used in the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of cancer and other diseases. So far patients who have volunteered as part of the trials have reported positive results, some had their rash cleared up almost immediately and were relieved of the severe itching that comes with Atopic Dermatitis while in some it took some days. Overall reports have been positive.

Many Atopic Dermatitis patients endure either treatments that are not effective enough with relieving them of the discomfort that comes with eczema or endure steroid medications which give the most relief (speaking for myself) but however come with many undesirable side effects. Many also go down different paths trying both logical and illogical remedies promised by different people. I just believe Atopic Dermatitis is really a complex disorder.

Dupilumab will be sold by the name Dupixent when it finally gets into the market. Atopic Dermatitis can be terribly life altering for patients, many even becoming suicidal as it not only causes misery but also deforms patients’ skin. We anxiously await Dupilumab, the new hope for eczema patients, hopefully something great will happen in 2017.

Keep u the hope eczema warriors.

Have a positive health attitude.

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