There are women who indeed have strong reasons not to breastfeed their babies, this reasons are weighty enough to direct such a decision, it could be due to fear of passing traces of unwanted substances through medications to the baby, or fear of the baby contacting some form of infection from them. For some others their reasons for choosing to abstain form this natural demand of nature stems from vain modern world needs, such as fear of sagging breasts, or in other cases due to career demands. Irrespective of reasons given, breastfeeding benefits far outweigh any other options which include but is not limited to the following:

  1. BREAST MILK IS A WHOLE FOOD: The mothers milk beats any baby formula in the world, as it contains all the necessary nutrients, antibodies to fight of illnesses as well as vitamin. It comes as a complete package, what more would a baby need?
  2. BREASTFEEDING REDUCES A MOTHER’S RISK OF BREAST CANCER: Indeed recent studies show that women who lactate were at lesser risk of developing breast cancer. This is an advantage that does not go to the baby alone who may loose its mother years later to such illness, its an advantage for the mother as well. A win-win situation. Also, breast feeding is said to help prevent other forms of cancer not limited to breast cancer in women.
  3. FEMALE BABIES THAT ARE FORMULA FED HAVE A HIGHER RISK OF BREAST CANCER LATER IN LIFE: This just tells us, that health choices we might have made years ago do come back to hurt us. Studies show women fed bottle formulas had higher rates of breast cancer as adults, compared to women who even if only briefly were breastfed.
  4. BREASTFED BABIES GROW WITH STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEMS: The breast fed baby is better armed to fight future illnesses that may rear their ugly heads, they are less susceptible to illnesses. Of course the foundation of anything as to be firm, good and solid suffice to say that the early years of a child are very crucial, what the child is fed can determine his/her future especially health wise.
  5. BREAST MILK IS EASILY DIGESTIBLE: The mother’s breast milk is more easily digestible than formulas, this means all the nutrients are easily absorbed and used by the body.
  6. HELPS UTERUS SHRINKS AFTER CHILDBIRTH: The uterus grows to some 20 times its normal size during pregnancy, breast feeding is said to help it shrink back to its per-pregnancy size faster as such help mother’s regain their shapes.
  7. BREAST MILK LOWERS BABIES RISK OF DEVELOPING ALLERGIES: Allergies are becoming more rampant in our modern age, asthma and food intolerance among others. The chances of experiencing this is said to be lesser in breast fed babies.
  8. BREAST FEEDING & OPTIMAL VISION: During the first 24 months of life breast milk provides the only source of vitamin A, which helps with building better vision, hence breast feeding fends off visual problems early in life.
  9. BREAST FEEDING HELPS MOTHER & CHILD TO BOND: It stimulates release of the oxytocin hormone, one I like to call the “trust/bonding” hormone. This helps a mother and child to bond. This kind of bond creates the feeling of trust and safety, just like when you hug someone.


10. The World Health Organization & UNICEF recommend it.

There are tons of reasons to breastfeed a baby, so many that in the absence of any other stronger reasons it remains the best option specially designed by nature to wholesomely feed the baby. I hope intending mothers find this as a motivation as well as stronger motivation for already breastfeeding mothers. To nurture a child from toddler to adulthood remains one of the most satisfying gifts of life. A breast fed baby is a happy one.




Don’t plan to breastfeed your baby? There you have it, 10 reasons you should. Dear mothers, build a healthy individual, by setting a good foundation.

Have a positive health attitude.



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