Why do some fruits, vegetables, or just any other edible plants in general grow in some seasons? Why do we crave to eat certain things at some points in our lives, such as when pregnant, recovering from illness or even during illness? What is a diet? Do diets work? What is a strict or extreme diet. These and more in this post on why I don’t believe in strict diets and you shouldn’t either.

  • Why do some fruits, vegetables, grow in specific seasons?

Mango never grows all year round, I believe nature always gives a balance, nature and balance in the earth and in our bodies. Seasonal foods are said to be packed with extra nutrients. When produce is grown in its natural season, under the right growing conditions, it exhibits all of its natural nutrients, which means eating such produce will come with extra benefits. Studies have shown that some crops can have up to three times more nutrients when grown in season.

Such produce are also more easily available in your immediate environments and local farmer’s markets, without having to endure long trips which make them loose nutrients and taste.

The question – If you were to be on a strict diet, would you not loose out on the special nutrients which only come with fruits in season, which in turn means loosing out on health benefits and immune boosting properties of fruits and vegetables?

  • Why do we crave to eat certain things at some points in our lives, such as when pregnant, recovering from illness or even during illness?

I once read that sometimes when pregnant women crave certain foods its because their bodies need the nutrients from those foods, again this is nature and balance. Hence, some cravings of the pregnant mother is due to some deficiencies in her body, a shortage in magnesium can trigger cravings for chocolate, craving red meat could be a loud cry of the body for protein. Same goes to the cravings of the ill or recovering person who craves certain foods. I do not expect a pregnant woman would be on some strict diets except if its by the doctor’s orders due to some conditions.

Strict diets would mean ignoring these cravings which could mean the body screaming for what it needs.

  • What is a Diet and what counts as Strict Diets?

A diet is the line of food a person or group habitually eats or a special and specific set of foods a person restricts themselves to for personal reasons i.e a need to loose weight or due to some health challenge.

Extreme diets too can include consuming very little food which means a person becomes anorexic or consuming too much of a specific class of food as some modern day diets suggest. There are many of such diets out there, my aim is not to discredit them at all but to simply share what I know and feel.

I do not believe in extreme diets because – All classes of food and the nutrients they offer have an importance to the body, that is why we were taught balanced diets early in life, the theory of a balanced diet still stands true. Strict and extreme diets whatever they may be intended to achieve, are not sustainable long term, leading to loss of whatever gains were achieved such as weight loss. Strict diets stress your life out, you get so worked up about avoiding eating this or that it can be unpleasant. Nutritionists believe certain cravings are useful, and nutritionists are food experts.

Finally maybe I just will not work with a strict diet because I am just a foodie ha ha! but then again I have succeeded in effectively loosing weight in the past through a combination of all the foods around me with the exclusion of junk eating of course and other obviously irritating and weight gain triggering foods like gluten. However I must add that some persons really do need strict diets due to health challenges they suffer. Always refer to your doctors or nutritionists.

Have a positive health attitude.

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