There are many diseases related to living a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes just to name a few. Some people counter their naturally occurring sedentary lifestyles by making sure they engage in some sport, some may do so just for fun while others may be involved with specific sports as a profession. This post is for those who indulge in tennis as a sport and what they need to know.


  • IT’S A LONG TERM SPORT: Ever visited a tennis court? As you see teenagers play so also will you find the elderly, it is a sport that does not wane and is practiced for years, this means a large majority of those who practice the sport maintain it for most of their lives, this means you could remain fit well into old age.


  • GIVES YOU A FULL BODY WORKOUT: Tennis makes you run, stop, stoop, swing etc. You move your lower body actively as you run, and your upper body, arms and shoulders also work as you swing, this is in essence giving you a full body workout, hence even if you do not indulge in other sport or exercise this will suffice adequately.


  • BURNS CALORIES & FAT: You maintain a healthy weight if you are a constant tennis player, but of course that involves having other positive health and diet habits. Since tennis gives an all round body workout, you burn a lot of calories as you are constantly on the move when you play, which is a plus for a sport that is fun.


  • BONE HEALTH: Exercising regularly can increase your bone mass and can slow the rate of bone mass loss over time. Bone mass is said to peak at 30 and afterwards begin to decline, tennis can help to maximize bone mass before that age and continued exercise slows this process. It is a sport well suited for building strong bones.


  • HEART HEALTH: Tennis makes the player sprint around the court multiple times, this involves high energy levels which in turn increases heart rate. This means as this sport improves heart health it helps reduce vulnerability to heart related diseases such as heart attacks or stroke.


  • BRAIN POWER: The tennis player has to think, often times right on the spot and plan as well, to hit the ball right and to balance oneself strategically for a good hit. studies show that exercises that make you think can improve brain function in ways that aid memory, learning, social skills and behavior.


  • EYE & HAND COORDINATION: “eyes on the ball” this is a term any tennis player is familiar with, your ability to focus on the ball will greatly aid the effectiveness of your swing, hence tennis helps with your eye vs hand coordination, there has to be a synergy between the two, a well calculated move, which can also enhance your agility in other daily activities, such as catching something before it lands and shatters.


  • BOOSTS YOUR MOOD: This is a feeling gotten often after most exercise activities, and a good bath. Tennis players in particular, enjoy a good mood after a good play, especially because tennis is a fun game.

So if you are already a player, stay motivated and continue, if you are an intending player, I guess you have some reasons to kick start. you may also like to read FINDING IT HARD TO EXERCISE? GET MOTIVATED HERE

Have a positive health attitude.

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