I had written HOW TO AVOID EATING JUNK sometime back, but whats more important a question I asked myself is do people even know what really is the junk they ingest. Do we not stop to ask ourselves the reason for the growing health challenges that plagues our generation, when even little children in today’s world develop cancer, heart and kidney diseases, not excluding diabetes.

Its sad that people will eat something unhealthy and promote it as highly nutritious or even feel like they have done themselves well. Lets just plunge in, how do we identify junk in all the daily menus we chunk into our mouths and bodies.

Un1   Junk food becomes what it is when it has little or no nutritional value, contains preservatives that can make you eat it two or more years later and call still call it food, contains food colouring and artificial flavours, contains high amount of sugar and salt, contains ingredients you cannot pronounce more like things from a chemistry laboratory, contains ingredients already famous for degenerative health e.g MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), the meal is cooked or fried in unhealthy oils, or the meal itself is from unknown or questionable sources.


All-Purpose_Flour_(4107895947) HIGHLY PROCESSED FLOUR: People are eating flour in almost every meal, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yet highly processed white flour has been linked to many illnesses, and more persons are developing an intolerance to wheat. Its what we eat in our bread and teas for breakfast, in our pasta and noodles for lunch, in the biscuits, burgers, cake or pizzas we snack on, and the macaroni we have for dinner. I believe more and more people are getting enlightened about this unnecessary food, the main element in it causing all the problem is GLUTEN found in wheat. White flour is linked to obesity, the more you eat it, the more your brain/body demands for more, obesity leads to diabetes, heart diseases. Obesity also means bodily functions are impaired and toxins accumulating, hence the organs of elimination such as liver, kidney, lungs and the rest are not functioning optimally which in turn translates to other diseases.

fast-food FAST/CONVENIENCE FOODS: These are mostly foods that are ready to eat instantly, or demand little cooking time, and those one can grab on the go from fast food restaurants . Good examples are noodles, burgers, packaged chips, and virtually anything that comes in a can. Nigerians especially patronize the many noodle brands and will likely grab it while at work, most if not all are made from refined white flour, and contain the notorious MSG (Monosodioum glutamate) while others such as burgers are packed with unhealthy ingredients. Fast foods are not limited to these as drinks are involved too.

Though there are locally made food items ready to eat such as garri, or the ground flour we use in making our different swallows, in this case, the emphasis is on mostly packaged ready to eat foods with unhealthy ingredients.

shutterstock151180733 UNHEALTHY DRINKS: Drinks high in sugar, caffeine, drinks of different colours not natural colours, green, blue, red, black. People don’t know how harmful sugar is, and even more harmful in this drinks that contain, artificial colours and other ingredients am sure we can’t always pronounce. Instead of feeling cool while drinking the many drinks with their different fancy names just understand you are ingesting a combo of liquid toxic waste. Thank you.

The more you drink them the more you crave them.

kids food CHILDREN TREATS: By my observation, children that were brought up, with less fizzy drinks, sweets, candies, gum, ice cream, fast food, grow into adults that simply don’t fancy them. I could be wrong. Ice cream with its many different colours, milk content and high sugar content as well as preservative is not a healthy thing to feed children constantly, neither are the other kinds of drinks or fast foods. It has a link to the increasing number of children suffering diseases only the aged have been known to suffer previously.

Save the young ones by arming yourself with the right information as an adult and a parent. Plus sacrificing the time to make alternatives that will please their taste buds just as much, bottom line is, whatever you provide them is what they’ll have.


3d road sign truth

Food, when it is beautiful to the eyes makes the mouth water and desire it, all the food companies know this so they take advantage and of course want to make profit, they will make attractive food that can last longer in their packs and on the shelves, we are caught in the trap because we can’t help ourselves, or can we?

Yes, we can. The cost of illness is great, and we must not leave our health to chance and luck, we must take deliberate efforts to helping our bodies function optimally rather than wait for when it begins giving us bad signals from maltreating it.

Do not turn your body into a junk yard through junk food. Make that move and you will not regret it. There are alternatives to junk food, which you will find in this blog if not yet then soon. Just stay tuned.

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