Our attitude towards our health can be either very positive, active or simple nonchalant. Sometimes until we take ill, we forget that indeed good health is of great value, until we take ill or develop some illness we then get to understand that the burden of illness is great, and it snatches away our peace, our joy, our relationships, our money, our lives…

I am Maryam Abdulrasheed this blog “Your Health Attitude” is born out of my enthusiasm for health topics. Inspired by my own health struggles I have been and still remain keen to knowing more about keeping the body well.  Hence this blog, where you will find a variety of topics relating to health. When I am not blogging, I do other things I love such as making videos from script to screen, video editing, playing tennis, cooking and trying new recipes which are healthy alternatives to junk eating.

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I invite you to take the right attitude towards your health for as long as you live.

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