I am calling these health hacks because they can lead us to getting positive effects for our health, they will not however just happen, they are actions we would deliberately take to gain the benefits they have to offer. So enjoy these 5 simple health hacks, which we can see as shortcuts to better living, pick one or two, or all of it, but please make sure you start somewhere.


BREATHE: We don’t often make a conscious effort to breathe, we just do it mostly as an involuntary act, which keeps us living anyways. Breathing in good clean air, long and hard, can help the lungs and let air go deep into organs which they would not normally reach with our daily nonchalant shallow breathing. Oxygen does a whole lot our bodies, and our cells. Take a moment to breathe properly everyday, it can actually become a habit, but since we do not really pay attention to how we breathe then giving it a special time might work as well. To breathe properly one must assume the right posture and of course be somewhere with clean air. Right posture is sitting upright and quite still, or lying on ones back with hands on the chest or lying comfortably at the side, then taking in deep breaths holding it for a moment and exhaling. One will find this so relaxing, for if you should know too that breathing this way relieves stress, can stop a panic attack, and is said to boost immunity to illnesses. Finally, if you ever find yourself in a park with lots of tree, the sea or lake side, do not cheat yourself by not taking in all that abundance of wonderful clean air.


HALT YOUR THOUGHTS: All day long, except for some who have learned to master this, we would find our minds racing here and there, to the things we plan to get done, to the things not working out so well, to the things we want to get done perfectly, to issues about family and an endless list of thoughts, and emails and tasks to attend to. That must be why a lifestyle like this is leading to many modern day degenerative illnesses, talk of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Just as breathing good air is essential which if I had failed to mention will be better practiced away from noise, so is halting our thoughts for a while daily. For some this can be achieved through meditation or prayer, finding some time to connect with the inner self, or simply trying as much as possible to go blank and let the mind be empty, though they say the mind is never empty, maybe so, however this is a deliberate effort to let out all the mind noise, or to focus on a set of words through meditation or prayer which brings peace. This practice can help one to know when to slow down as multiple disruptive thoughts begin clouding the mind again.


REPLACE TOOTHPASTE: As you must have read HERE there are some household items we can do without, toothpaste is definitely over rated, as many in the market contain questionable ingredients, some toxic to our health. Why use toothpaste? When you can use Bentonite clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon water or herbal powder tooth products. These and natural and work better.


PAY TO EXERCISE: HERE too I talked about ways to get motivated to exercise. Our world makes us have lesser need of doing things physically, many have sedentary lifestyles which in no way is good for their health. There are many ways to find motivation to exercise, and paying to get it done is one way. Pay to train at a particular sport, pay to join a group with a leader, or pay to join any gym around you. When money is involved, who would not take their investments more seriously?


┬áTECH FREE MOMENTS: Tech is one of the reasons we are restless in today’s society, we can’t go a few minutes without checking our phones, using our systems or other gadgets, all things made have their advantages and disadvantages, a good time to get off tech includes, as mentioned earlier when you are trying to breathe properly as this needs your full concentration, when your are praying or meditating, when with your partner in bed, there should be a rule between couples to either keep tech stuff out of the bedroom or keep it off once in bed, tech creates relationships today, but ruins them just as fast. Creating deliberate off tech moments too, and do something more traditional and offline such as reading a book, gardening, or learning something new such as a skill.

I hope you enjoyed reading this 5 simple health hacks, as much as I enjoyed writing it for you awesome people, life is beautiful with good health, but it becomes a night mare with ill health. Lets take the little steps to living well. Share this post with friends and family and subscribe to enjoy great posts.

Have a positive health attitude.



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