I have been there, you have been there, some are still there. Stuck right in unhealthy behaviors that could be detrimental in the short or long run. Even with knowing that we have a need for change, we are sometimes still neglectful. Habits can really form who we become, because they are the things we consistently do, as we form habits that lead to different end results in different facets of our lives so must we inculcate the right habits towards healthy living, and they actually begin with the little not so difficult acts.


DRINK CLEAN: Do we take note of how many times a day we go to ease ourselves everyday? That is a lot of water leaving the body, and not limited to that means of elimination because we sweat as well. Lets look around too, what really do we often need to keep things clean? To flush our waste and get our plates and laundry clean. WATER!!! Water is essential to living. Drinking clean is not limited to water alone, however, water tops the list of any liquids we should ingest daily to keep our systems running optimally, replenishing lost fluids, and to constantly detox our systems of other harmful toxins. Aside water, lemon water, coconut water, green teas are other safe and clean liquids we can enjoy. Sorry, Soda, fizzy drinks and other drinks with high sugar content and preservatives are not part of drinking clean.


EAT CLEAN: Ever heard that what you ingest early in the day can steer the direction of the food choices you make for the rest of that day. Meaning if you ate a good serving of fruits you will likely eat correctly the rest of the day than if you ate food with poor nutritional content only to satisfy your taste buds. Eating clean in the first place means knowing what is unhealthy and avoiding it, as well as planning ahead, so as not to suddenly feel the urge to grub on anything available. Eating clean takes deliberate efforts till it becomes a first choice, it means removing what is unhealthy from your home so it is not there in the first place. We simply must remember as we eat that what we put in our stomachs, will either help keep illnesses away or help them survive and attack us sooner or later. Take charge of what you eat.


EXERCISE: Who doesn’t know that exercising is quite an uphill task for anyone who has not started any exercise routine yet or for anyone still struggling to be consistent. HERE you will find some simple ways to get consistent with exercising. Exercising is particularly important if one lives more of a sedentary life or has a job that keeps one sitting all day long. Modern day living is making us have lesser reasons to physically move around, our cars and remote controls come to mind. The benefits of exercising are endless, and are readily felt in the body after each routine, it gets your day going with good mood hormones.


WASH YOUR HANDS: At some point I got used to the habit of washing my hands once I returned home from an outing. That taxi you picked, many others have opened the same door with the same handle as you, that stair case banister your hands trailed as you climbed up the stairs, that lift button you had to press, and the many doors you opened through the day, had many other hands on them as well which had visited places you don’t know. Our hands carry a lot of germs, which we may transfer to our bodies, through food we pick with the same hands, or through our eyes and nose they could get into the body. Children especially should be trained in the habit of hand washing, especially since they are prone to illnesses from germs.


SLEEP RIGHT: The night was made for rest, which is why even if we do not get to do that all day, nature will call at night and we are compelled to sleep, some of us however defy this call and stay up as late as we choose, some do not just do this occasionally but daily. When we sleep, we are not only resting and sort of recharging, we give our body a chance to repair itself, the cells are carrying out so many functions when we sleep, and they actually need us to be in a state of sleep to do that. It has to become a habit that we go to bed at a time that would ensure by the time dawn comes we have had some 5 to 7 hours of sound sleep. People have slumped and died from lack of adequate rest.

You and I can start right here with these five, the difference will be felt a quick tip to know is that, if you can practice something consistently for 21 days it will stick as a habit you are compelled to perform, so you can place yourself on a 21 day challenge to practice any or all of these and it will sure stick as a good healthy habit.

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Have a positive health attitude.


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