Sometimes the body simply needs a break from all that eating and drinking. Fasting refers to a willing abstinence from food and drink for a given period, or abstinence from certain foods and drink for a certain period. There are many health benefits of giving the body a break through fasting, benefits which range form, weight loss, increased concentration, body detoxification, lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol among many others. So here are some 5 health benefits of fasting you should know about.

  1. WEIGHT LOSS – This is quite obvious, and many take on fasts for this purpose which is to loose weight. When the body lacks glucose and other nutrients, it will burn fat for energy which will in turn result in weigh loss. The use of this fat for energy can also help reduce cholesterol levels in the body which leads to avoiding other health challenges that have to do wit cholesterol. Fasting over a significant period or intermittently will certainly ensure weight loss.
  2. LOWERS INSULIN LEVELS – Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate glucose and helps it enter the cells to be burned for energy after eating. When this hormone is not doing its job well it can lead to fatty liver, obesity due to insulin resistance by the body, water and sodium retention by the body which makes a person look puffy,  and most certainly elevated blood sugars which in turn leads to diabetes.  Fasting helps regulate this hormone which is vital for health functions.
  3. BREAKING BAD EATING HABITS & OTHER HABITS – Fasting over a significant period of time can help people break bad eating habits or other habits. We get into the habit of always snacking on the wrong things, these things are often times junk food, which is not healthy. Fasting can help us abstain from these harmful foods and help us plan our meals daily to ensure it contains wholesome healthy additions. Other habits fasting could help break away from include smoking and alcohol consumption.
  4. BRAIN FUNCTION & PRODUCTIVITY – Research says fasting can help ward off neurodegenerative illnesses.. Fasting puts lesser stress on the brain, when one gets used to consistent fasts, better focus and concentration can be observed. Its kind of obvious isn’t it? When you don’t have to think about food you will certainly concentrate better on your tasks. Fasting also helps with the growth of new brain cells.
  5. FASTING DETOXES THE BODY – When you are eating and drinking less the body has a lot more freed up energy, which it will use for other activities it doesn’t always have time for since it is mostly busy trying to digest everything you send in. Hence, fasting is a form of cleansing, and when you cleanse, your body lets out toxins, through sweat, urine and feces. Don’t be alarmed if everything stinks a little bit more while you fast, Cleansing is good for your gut health, a clean gut means good health, an overloaded one…? I guess you know the answer.

There you have it, 5 health benefits of fasting. Have a positive health attitude. Share this posts with your family and friends, and do visit again.

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