Itchy hot skin, endlessly flaky skin, dry skin, sleepless nights, oozing itchy eczema… Sounds familiar?

Hi, I am Maryam Abdulrasheed, I have endured over 10 years with Atopic Dermatitis. However, even with Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) you can live a normal life, with beautiful skin, and I am here to tell you how.


Eczema Rebel will tell you:

  • Factors that could trigger eczema for the first time in someone already having hereditary tendencies of being an eczema patient.
  • The many things some claim works for their eczema but simply doesn’t as eczema is a very complex illness.
  • The truth about the famous “steroid withdrawal process” and if it’s even worth it at all.
  • Generally accepted insight for living with severe eczema.
  • The one treatment that really works at giving eczema patients everyday comfort, and helping them lead a normal life, with real before and after pictures as evidence, as you can see already in these pictures.
  • Information on a new hope for eczema patients which is currently being developed and proving very promising.

If you have eczema, or know anyone living with it, this book is for you! We are ECZEMA REBELS! we did not choose to have this condition, but it is here, and what can we do? WE BEBEL!

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